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Welcome to Episode 44 of the Autism Parenting Secrets.    In this episode, Cass and Len address the importance of Self-Care.   You cannot show up as your best-self to help your child if you’re running on fumes.   Caring for yourself is essential.  If you won’t do it for yourself, do it…(Read More)

Welcome to Episode 43 of the Autism Parenting Secrets.    In this episode, Len explores one concept that was a huge game-changer in his life.     It’s so common to have inner thoughts that criticize.  But if that inner critic is always on it can take a huge toll over time.     Even…(Read More)

  Welcome to Episode 42 of the Autism Parenting Secrets.    In this episode, Cass and Len share a tool that helps parents “size-up” the people around them and their child.     Providing a supportive environment for a child with autism is incredibly important.  And just like environmental hazards like chemicals and poisons, people…(Read More)

In this episode, Cass and Len explain why creating of timeline of events makes a huge difference.   With a small investment of time, any parent can experience a greater sense of control by having important health data in one place.   So if you want to experience greater empowerment and a heightened sense of…(Read More)

Energy Vampires MUST Go


Welcome to Episode 40 of the Autism Parenting Secrets.    In this episode, Cass and Len are joined by world-renowned expert and best-selling author, Dr. Christiane Northup to explore why you need to distance your child and yourself from toxic people.   So if you want to stop doing things that hold you…(Read More)

This week, Cass and Len dive deep on one key concept.  It’s a short episode, but the message has a long-lasting impact.   After a child is diagnosed with ASD, gung-ho parents usually dive in and intervene. They start therapy, medication, supplementation, or special diets to try to help their child. There’s…(Read More)

This week, we are joined by J.B. Handley and J.B. shares his family’s, Autism Miracle.   The secret he shares… Your Child Understands EVERYTHING.   J.B was afraid to hope. It was just too painful. His autism journey has been long and his son was 18 and a non-speaker.    But what seemed…(Read More)

Dr. Zach Bush

We’re back with part two of our conversation with Dr. Zach Bush.   Dr. Bush shares so much wisdom and insights.  Please listen with an open heart (you may want to listen to this more than once).  The Secret this episode is … Autism Is a SUPERPOWER. Dr. Bush shares why the autism journey is…(Read More)

Dr. Zach Bush

We NEED Autism


This week’s episode will change the way you look at autism. Dr. Zach Bush is our guest and he explains why we NEED Autism to experience our humanity fully and how parents can reframe their mindsets to best support their child with autism.   The information Dr. Bush shares will empower you to look at…(Read More)

Autism Parenting Secrets

Today, we’re exploring the concept that was true for us.  When parents judge what their child is doing as wrong they become the problem.  For only seeing the problems, you miss the solutions.   When a parent can shift their perspective, and realize they are part of the problem, they can see clearer solutions for…(Read More)

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