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Rising Above The Autism Diagnosis – Our Story




Welcome to the very first episode of Autism Parenting Secrets. If you are here, you are already taking the first steps to be a warrior for your child and we thank you for that. Each week, we’re going to share our personal experiences, as well as experiences coaching other autism parents, to be a resource when it feels like no one else understands. 


This episode is all about you getting to know us, as people seeking guidance of our own, as warriors for our children. We also want to introduce you to Ry. Ry is our son who is living with autism and the reason we changed our lifestyle to be a better support system.


We are going to start from the beginning. From Ry’s birth and first year of developing in the 90th percentile to a sudden shift in health and behavior problems. One thing you can always expect from us… we promise to be open with you about our concerns as parents and our fear of the unknown because we know that’s what some of you might be facing right now.


We talk about the changes we made as parents and as a family and give you a glimpse into what’s to come in the next episodes. No one knows their child better than you, and we hope our story will give you the confidence to stand up for what you believe is best for your warrior.


Key Takeaways

  • Finding out we were pregnant (1:10)
  • Birth of our son, Ry (2:12)
  • Ry’s first year of development (2:51)
  • The diagnosis (5:15) 
  • Diet and lifestyle changes we chose to make as a family (9:25)
  • How we dealt with judgement from others (11:45)
  • As parents, we knew we had to be the CEO for our child (13:00)
  • Knew we had to become warrior parents (15:13)
  • The moment our son wanted to connect and progression exploded (18:40)
  • Our transformation as his parents (20:24)
  • Being happy detectives (21:47)
  • On a mission to help other parents (26:08)

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